Whether you are looking for an exciting adventure or an inspirational learning opportunity our bushcraft experiences have it all.




We offer a wide range of activities that can be chosen to create your own unique session. This sample itinerary incorporates Firelighting, cooking, shelter building and games.

Arrive at our beautiful wood, Shropshire for a tour of our woodlands to familiarise the group with the facilities.Tribe Bushcraft boxes will be designated to each group.

We start our session with a talk on fire, its uses and the methods used to safely light it. Groups will work together to succeed at our fire lighting challenge.

The learners will cook their own lunch on their fires, using ingredients from their tribe bushcraft boxes. A BBQ style lunch will be prepared by the group and enjoyed around their team fires.

After lunch a team game will be initiated to bring the group back together as a whole.

A talk will be given on building natural shelters and the reasons and methods behind creating one. Groups will work together to make a shelter from foraged natural materials. The session will finish with a group circle and talking stick opportunity for individuals to offer their experience of the day.



Develop new skills
Create group cohesion by working on team tasks
Create an understanding of natural materials and their uses
Inspire creativity
Increase an understanding of the natural environment
Develop confidence in being in an outdoor environment

We would be happy to come into your school to discuss with you in further detail your individual requirements.

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