Our objective is to encourage independence, creative thinking, team work and confidence through explorations and experiences in the natural world.



Our 2 day woodland camps give participants a chance to really connect with their surroundings and explore the woodlands with plenty of time to get absorbed in creative camp crafts, team challenges and survival skills. Experience the wildlife, trees and plants with more detail than before. Our activities include bushcraft, wilderness walks, wild cooking and night games.

Our woodland residential packages can accommodate large groups with a kitchen area, a compost toilet and covered areas for teaching. We offer traditional Bell tent camping or a wild camping option for the ultimate in wilderness adventures.

For this 2 day sample itinerary we have included fire lighting, creative campfire cooking, camouflage, whittling, shelter building, wild team games, tracking and nature awareness skills.

The session will start with fire lighting. Groups will use their designated Tribe bushcraft boxes to light their fire to be used to cook their lunches on. A BBQ style lunch (including the famous Outback2basics burger) will be prepared by the learners. Students will be shown how to build a natural shelter then have the chance to build their own to spend the night outside in (optional).

Students will have the opportunity to experiment with camouflage techniques and use their skills in camouflage games. Games will played throughout the day to encourage teamwork within the whole group. Dinner will be prepared by a field cook- A Forest feast of spatchcock roast chicken with a variety of vegetables all cooked on an open fire. After dinner students will be encourage to partake in a Sit spot- Time to tune in to your surroundings and see the wildlife in the woods from a different perspective.

Students will learn how to make natural torches. Night games will follow. A chance to experience the woodlands at night playing stalking games. Bed- In Bell tents or natural shelters. Breakfast will consist of a full woodsman breakfast – bacon, eggs and beans or cereal alternative. Observation game – Learners will be tested on their awareness skills with a game in the woods. Students will learn how to safely use knives and other tools to whittle a piece of woodland cutlery around the campfire.

We will give the learners an opportunity to understand about the idea of tracking and initiate an educational and fun tracking activity to inspire problem solving and nature awareness. Pack down, leave no trace and closing circle.



Inspire activities outside
Develp new skills
Increase group cohesion through team tasks
Develop confidence in new surroundings
Increase confience within a group setting
Inspire problem solving and creative thinking
Develop awareness of their surroundings
Think dynamically about their natural surroundings and how to use the natural resources around them

We would be happy to come into your school to discuss with you in further detail your individual requirements.

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