Outback 2 Basics

Open the doors and open your mind. We love teaching bushcraft and wilderness skills. Connecting with nature, learning together and being inspired to adventure into the great outdoors. Learn how to light a fire without matches, hunt for bugs and challenge yourself with survival skills.

Why do we do it?

Because nature is our best teacher and so often we forget to connect with it. Some people have never even been introduced to the woods and all their inhabitants. So we are doing our bit to help remedy it.

Who is it for?

YOU, really it is, nature is accessible all ages and abilities, everyone is catered for. Learning is an never ending process and nature is a great teacher, we’re here to help everybody get along.
We do Stoneage for Schools– getting in on the curriculum, Adult courses– professional and recreational, family days and holiday camps.

We, Naomi and Dan, set up outback 2 basics in 2010 after attending the epic rights of passage that was Lynx Vildens Stone Age Immersion Programme. This inspired us to follow our lifelong passions for the outdoors and share them. We are so glad we did its still as exciting, invigorating and brilliant as ever. Please get in touch if you would like to learn more.


Ready to do something?

Whatever the time of year, the wild world is out there just waiting to be explored