Where are you based?
We work from a woodland in Shropshire, Buildwas, nr Pool View Caravan park. The woodlands themselves cover hundreds of acres but we only use about 5 acres. We mainly stay around our base camp and only venture out on longer courses.

Do you travel out to deliver any of your workshops, parties and courses?
We are happy to travel out to deliver any of our courses and parties etc. There is an additional charge for parties for this and do ask for at least some green space to work from. We are happy to come to your school, your event etc where ever that may be.

What do we need to bring?
On most of our courses (if applicable) we send out a kit list to let you know what you need to bring. For birthday parties the main kit inlcudes a bottle of water each and weather appropriate clothing. Clothes inevitably do get dirty, we are working around a fire (that sometimes has sparks) so we recommend wearing clothes you don’t mind getting……a little grubby! We supply teas and coffees on all of our courses and on parties when requested and can supply food at an additional cost (unless stated).

What facilities do you have?
We have a basic and comfortable outdoor camp. We have a 6m tipi for when it rains heavily. We have a compost toilet (looks like a little shed) which is very clean and hygienic. We have a hand wash station also. We have a small car park that can accommodate a dozen or so cars. Our base camp is covered by a parachute and has rustic wooden benches to sit around the fire on. We have a covered kitchen area that we use to prepare food under. We also have a wooden gazebo that can be used when necessary in extreme weather conditions.

What age group do you cater for?
Our birthday parties can cater for as young as 3 but we recommend reducing the time to 2.5 hours and choosing appropriate activities to suit their abilities. Our adult courses are offered to anyone aged 18+ (16 if with an accompanying adult). Our holiday camps start from 6 – 11 and the teen camps from 12-16yrs. School programmes can be tailored to be suitable for any age

Is it private woodland?
The woodland we use belongs to Tickwoods care farm, a charity that run outdoor activities for people with disabilities and learning difficulties. We use a portion of their woodland to run Outback2basics activities. It is private woodland. On residential courses the site is made secure and the gate at the bottom is locked.

Do we have to stay with our children on holiday camps and birthday parties?
If the children are under the age of 7 we do require some parents to stay. If they are over 7 you do not have to stay with the children although you are most welcome to do so on birthday parties. If there is under 10 children in your group for a party then we ask for at least one parent to stay.

Do you have insurance and are CRB checked?
Outback2basics has full public liability insurance and all staff are CRB checked and are first aid qualified.

What should we wear?
Weather appropriate clothing, sturdy foot wear and clothing you don’t mind possibly getting messed up. Sunscreen in the summer and a hat.

What happens if it rains?
We have a 6m tipi that we can run and hide in and carry on with activities and eat lunch in if necessary. We are also very lucky to have such a thick canopy of trees covering us. This means that when it does rain the trees can help to protect us. If we continue with our session outside we build a bigger fire and play more running around games. We also have the parachute and the wooden gazebo for protection if needed.

Do you offer courses for adults?
We do run courses for adults. This year we are running our creative campfire cooking course and our hide tanning course. We also offer CPD training, team building days, adult parties and family events. We can offer 1:1 courses in primitive skills and traditional crafts when requested.

Can you offer bespoke courses? Yes, we can tailor a course to suit any of your needs and requirements.

Do you ever cancell due to bad weather?
In 3 years of business we have only had to cancel twice due to extreme weather conditions. The weather is one factor we can not control. If we deem the weather to be dangerous and unsafe for children to be outside in the woodlands we will cancel the session without any prior warning. We will cancel a course If winds exceed 25mph or extreme storms are forcast. The participants saftey is our key priority. In this situation the organisers are free to re-schedule at a later date if they wish.

Can we come and see the site prior to our session?
Yes, it is possible but we prefer it if we can answer your questions without having to include an additional visit. We do not live on site and if possible we like to avoid an additional ‘pre visit’ unless necessary for your particular needs or concerns.
If you come without an appointment you will not find our woods. Our woodlands are beyond a closed gate and our presence is not obvious unlesswe are running a session.

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