Daniel and Naomi run Outback2basics with a true passion for the outdoors.



I’ve always had a great connection to the outdoor world. Always as a kid I would be late home, covered in dirt from building dens, climbing trees and explorations in the woodlands.

My biggest adventure happened In 2010 which shaped the way I teach now. After many years teaching bushcraft I came across Lynx Vilden’s Stone Age immersion project taking part in America. This course changed my whole life. The 5 month course learning primitive skills culminated in living completely primitively in the wild without any modern equipment.

I have some truly special stories and memories of this experience, it’s what inspired myself and Naomi to set up Outback2basics.

I always say to people it was my “right of passage”turning me from boy to man at the age of 30! I now spend most of my time running Outback2basics aswell as working as a medic and Survival consultant on various TV shows, any excuse to have an adventure.



I have been teaching Bushcraft and outdoor skills for the past 6 years. I’ve always had a passion for adventures outside but was inspired to create Outback2basics after a 5 month primitive living course in 2010 that culminated in a full Stone Age wilderness immersion in the US. This experience in America remains to be one of the most amazing and intense times of my life and I would recommend all to do something like that to really discover what they are capable of both physically and mentally. Living out in the wild for a month without any modern equipment certainly gave me a new perspective on life and encouraged me to develop my skills in a very real way. I now teach Stone Age education and Bushcraft with my partner Dan, inspiring children (and adults!) to connect to their natural environment, their heritage whilst promoting care and enjoyment of the environment. I believe all children should be able to light a fire (safely) by the age of 10 and know at least 10 different uses for a stick and it is my mission as chief Tribe leader to make sure they can!

I am an NCFE level 4 qualified Bushcraft instructor. I have levels 2 and 3 Forest School leader qualification with a constant passion to learn more!!!!

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