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I brought my year 3 class to the Outback2Basics headquarters in the summer term and although we had taught the Stone Age way back in September the children were engaged in the activity and the content very quickly. They loved that their hosts were dressed like real cave men and they loved having the opportunity to dress like ones too!

They retained lots of excellent vocabulary which they then used back in class a few days later to write a diary of a stone age person!

It was wonderful to see my children in an open and free environment where they were able to play and explore within set boundaries, and have lots of fun while learning not just about the Stone Age but about nature and their environment too!

The children produced cave art on the day which they brought back to school with them and put it alongside some excellent non fiction writing which we shared on a corridor display.

All in all a very productive and worthwhile experience.

Head of year 3 Katy Ohara Windmill Primary



“All of the staff and activities were fantastic and this was one of the best educational visits we have ever been on.” From the assistant head at Tunstall School”


“5000 times better than a trip to cadburys world”


“I loved it so much I just diodn’t want to go home again”

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“It was my first time to the woods, I was scared at first but now I wish I could stay here for ever”


“I loved making the stone tools, I’m going to make loads more when I get home!”


“Excellent – plenty of info & lots to touch & sniff!” S.Waynne – Prestfeld Prep

“ What brilliant opportunity for the kids to all touch the things that would normally be behind glass in a museum. Brilliant and the kids all loved it ” – Sandford Hill – Stoke

“What a great day. It was a really great touch that Naomi dressed as a ‘cavewoman’ and the fact that children got to handle a lot of items was unexpected. The resources/artefacts that were brought along were great, especially the fact that children got to handle them. It was friendly and funny with a lot of information, pitching it just right. The whole session gave children a lot of information to further their understanding of the Stone Age. Upon leaving the classroom one boy in my class said it was their best day ever.” – S.Greggory – Sandford Hill – Stoke

“Excellent! The children have learnt so much about the Stone Age in a practical and outdoor environment. All activities were great and suitable for the children. The instructors were all Brilliant, so knowledgeable and fantastic with children. A fantastic day, the children and staff have had such a brilliant day Thank you! I would definitely recommend this course!” L. Barry – Bluecoat junior school – Walsall

“I just wanted to say a great big thank you for a fabulous birthday party. The children are all still really excited!!! I have to say it is one of the best birthday parties I have ever attended.”

“Thank you so much for offering something different that the children truly enjoyed. 11 six and seven year olds are a handful at best but seeing them working together as a team learning new skills and listening to them laughing was lovely.”

“I am so pleased that I took the risk to book something different and I can only compliment your professionalism from start to finish. What an amazing memory they will have being with their friends in the forest learning new skills and being in the snow!!!!! Thank you again” – Parent, Bushcraft Birthday.

“Children eagerly anticipated their visits as they knew it would be a great experience”

“Naomi and Dan were conscientious, dedicated educators, sensitive to the needs of some of our children especially the more reluctant ones”

“Great value with impressive results” – Teacher – CPD training

“Excellent day – everyone was able to have a go at fire lighting and cooking, very hands-on. Also, it was a great way of bringing everyone together in a non-threatening way (which we don’t often do) – so good team building too, especially starting off with the game” – Zak Willis (Headteacher), Badocks Wood Primary School, Bristol

“Engaging and inspiring” – Carla Pitha (Managing Director) Grow in the Wild

“Amazing educative sessions and games, look forward to working with you in the future” – Jon White (Senior Youth Worker) Malvern Youth Centre

“I was a complete beginner! I had a great time, good lunch too!” – Faye, felting course

“Excellent birthday party with great participation all round, great job!” – Parent, Bushcraft birthday

“I feel I have new skills now. I can actually light fires with a bow drill! I’ll definitely keep practicing, showing off that I can make fire” – Nicole, fire lighting course

“It’s been fantastic. It opened our eyes to outdoor activities” – Parent, Bushcraft birthday

“Incredibly informative, well paced, any challenging areas well supported: Brilliant” – Parent, Bushcraft birthday

“Thank you all for making Edwards party such a huge success. We all had such a lovely time. Your energy and enthusiasm were infectious, the children were all full of it and I have had many comments from parents including one who said he thought he would grow old remembering them all having so much fun ! Thank you all very much indeed” – Annabel, Bushcraft birthday

“I was a bit nervous of letting loose a bunch of wild 9 year old boys on Dan, but he handled them excellently. His enthusiasm and energy was great. He tamed them well and all the boys haven’t stopped talking about the day. I recommend a day out with Dan and Naomi” – Lyn, Bushcraft birthday

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