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Ancestral Beginnings

1 Day course

Ancestral beginnings - £95

April 17th 2021, June 12th Shropshire

July 3 Oxfordshire

Day 1

Fire – Our ancestors relied deeply on fire for survival and general living. Learn how to make a spark with iron pyrites and create fire with spark and fungus. Work together as a group and experiment with making fire using a group bow drill kit.

Fire management – Lighting a fire is only half the skill. Keeping the fire maintained properly in all weathers (wet AND windy) is equally as important. Learn how to efficiently tend your fire, understand more about using the various woods as fuels and leave no trace.

Food – Our ancestors relied heavily on fish as a source of protein. Prepare a meal with fresh fish (vegetarian and vegan meal options available). Learn to gut and prepare the fish and cook on planks around the fire.

Crafts –Crafting was an essential part of our ancestors life both for enjoyment as well as for making practical tools. Using brambles create a simple hedgerow foraging baskek.

We will be using both primitive and modern methods and tools throughout.


Ancestral Beginnings





Step into the wild for a week. -  Contact us directly for more information on this course.