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ancestral Learning


2 Day Course

Ancestral Learning - £250

June 19-20th 2021 Shropshire

July 17-18th 2021 Oxford

Day 1

Fire – Fire control changed the course of human evolution allowing our ancestors to stay warm, cook food, ward off predators and survive in harsh climates. Learn how to light a fire the way of our ancestors by using the bow drill method and become confident at lighting a fire in wet conditions using our pre-made bow drill kits.

Food – Our ancestors were keen hunters and trappers. Learn how to gut, skin and prepare rabbit for eating, using stone and bone tools. We’ll put together a delicious rabbit stew to cook on the fire. 

Shelters –From caves to stick shelters, both temporary and permanent, shelters were an integral part of Stone Age living. Work in small groups to make a basic shelter from natural materials focusing on insulation, creating a waterproof layer and sustainability. Sleep out in your shelters for the ultimate experience in connecting to the land.

Evening activity – Once our ancestors had harnessed the skills of controlling fire it would create an opportunity to extend the length of their day. Enjoy sitting around the fire, borrowing coals to create a burn bowl or spoon.

Day 2

Craft – Early humans trapped animals to survive, including fish. Learn how to craft a simple yet beautiful fish trap from willow.

Wild medicines and edibles – Our ancestors used the resources that the natural environment offered for food, crafts and medicine. We’ll go for a walkabout around the woodlands and see what can be used for food or medicine. We’ll practice some simple nature awareness skills looking for animal sign and perhaps take a moment to enjoy a sit spot, observing the woodlands in the best way.  

Craft – Not just a creative past time but a way of making essential tools as well. Make your own Atlatl throwing spear and have some fun with some target practice.

We will be using both primitive and modern methods and tools throughout.

Our ancestors were creative with their foraged goods, not every meal included meat! Experiment with nut flours to make bread (and berry jam) without any modern equipment. Learn how to boil water with hot rocks and brew up a delicious foraged forest tea.


Step into the wild for a week. -  Contact us directly for more information on this course.