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Bushcraft and survival skills residential

Linking nature with the curriculum


Bring your group to us to an enjoy an overnight stay in our woods from 24hours to 5 days. You can even stay the night in your own natural shelter that you have made for the ultimate in wild adventures.

Learn how to survive in the woods making fire, finding and filtering water, creating shelter and more. Learn simple Bushcraft skills, take part in team challenges and enjoy nature in new and exciting ways.

We have 4 composting toilets, an indoor space for teaching and a simple kitchen set up where we provide wholesome and nutritious meals. We also have a large 6m Tipi for staff to share on residential trips for those who want a little more of the creature comforts.

You can choose 3 activities per full day and 1 night activity per overnight stay.

Day activities

  • Fire lighting – Experimenting with various tinder’s and ignitions, gather materials to create fire
  • Advanced fire lighting – Using the traditional bow drill you will rub sticks and make fire
  • Knife safety – Learning safe cutting techniques
  • Carving – Creating butter knives and tent pegs to hone your skills
  • Tarpology – Experimenting with various techniques and layouts to put up a shelter
  • Natural shelter making – Make a shelter out of the materials nature provides to create a weatherproof dwelling
  • Foraging – discover natures larder making teas and basic salads with edible greens and flowers (seasonal)
  • Cooking bread – Experiment with different ingredients to create bannock breads and loafs on the fire
  • Cordage making – Use various fibres to create string and cords
  • Camouflage and concealment – Use natural and non natural methods to camouflage
  • Wilderness 1st aid – Learn basic 1st aid for the wilderness
  • Tracking – Follow, track and begin to understand the movements of the animals in the woods
  • Water collection and purification – Collect water, understand the importance of water within the body, the dangers and methods of purifying
  • Pot hanger making – Using simple cutting techniques to harvest wood to create pot hangers for hanging billy cans
  • Natural navigation – Understanding simple natural navigation techniques, make a tree into a compass
  • Cooking without pots and pans – Experiment with some creative methods of cooking without pots and pans on the fire
  • Wilderness walk – Explore the woods learning how to recognise various plants and trees and their uses
  • Game preparation – Prepare rabbits/pheasants or chicken for eating using traditional techniques
  • Group cooking – Learn how to cook for a large group and participate in making a group meal

Evening activities

  • Fat lamp making – Make simple lamps from natural materials
  • Primitive torches – Make simple torches from natural materials
  • Night games – Various games in the light of the moon
  • Talent show – Participants work in small tribes or as individuals to create a talent show for the rest of the camp
  • Storytelling and music making

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“One of the best educational trips we have ever been on. The opportunities and activities for the children were brilliant and we all loved every minute. The course is an absolute credit to yourselves, thankyou Naomi and Dan.”

Assistant head, Tunstall School