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ancestral skills

Join Dan, Manse and Naomi from the hit Channel 4 documentary series Surviving the Stone Age.

Manse, Dan and Naomi from Channel 4's Surviving the Stone Age will be collaborating on an exciting new range of Ancestral skills course from Introductory to fully immersive, to get you started on your Stone Age journey.

After living as a tribe of 8 in the heart of Bulgarian Wilderness, Dan, Naomi and Manse, from channel 4’s ‘Surviving the Stone Age,’ want to bring you some of the stories, secrets and skills from the past.

Learn from some of Britain’s top primitive skills experts and teachers to create fire from stone and fungus, weave traps, process wild animals, tan hides, forage for medicines and food, create tools from stone and bone and more.

Ancestral Beginnings

1 Day Course

Learn how to make a spark with iron pyrites and create fire with spark and fungus. Experiment with group bow drill.

Dates April 17th 2021

June 12th 2021

July 3rd 2021


Ancestral Learning

2 Day Course

Experiment with nut flours to make bread (and jam) without any modern equipment. Learn how to boil water with hot rocks and brew up a delicious foraged forest tea.

Dates June 19- 20th 2021

July 17-18th 2021


Ancestral Living

3 Day Course

Dive deeper in to the Stone Age with our 3 day course, learning how to make glues, shelters, tan a hide, make cordage and more.

Dates August 20-22nd 2021



“A huge thank you for today which was nothing short of exceptional. All the children were absolutely full of it when we arrived back at school and couldn't wait to tell their parents all about the incredible day. The aura that the children experienced today is something I imagine will stick with them forever. Dan was amazing, witty and a real ambassador for 'the outdoors' which I hope will encourage the children to go out more in the future!


Step into the wild for a week. -  Contact us directly for more information on this course.